Writing and editing

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Whether it's a feature story, brochure, case study, or marketing copy, working together we'll find the perfect structure and words to tell your story. My clear, compelling copy will engage your audience and get them to take action.

Project management

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All you need is a vision of what you want to accomplish. Then leave it to me to design a project plan, clarify deliverables, and determine a detailed timeline. As an expert cat herder, I can also help you get everyone on board all the way to the finish line.

International development

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Having served as a communications officer in East Africa for a leading international development agency, I collect and share success stories as a contract writer and photographer. Let me bring out the human side of your project.

“Debbie has always been an incredible 'secret weapon' for me. Killer smarts, deep journalistic curiosity, and a warm engaging personality combine to create a marketing-savvy pro who can almost instantly understand the strengths of a brand's story and bring them to life.”

Stuart McFaul, President, Spiralgroup