Big Sur bathing

While you may not believe it based on my lack of posts, my 50 for 50 adventures continue! I’m up to 11 of 50 done, with five more coming in the next few weeks. Progress! For a second there, I got a little worried I wouldn’t hit all 50 places in my 49th and 50th years, but I’m on track.

My fourth adventure was to Esalen, an iconic institute known for its personal development workshops and famed hot springs perched on a Big Sur cliffside. Esalen is even better known for how people enjoy those hot springs: namely naked! With a twinge of discomfort I disrobed with the rest of the visitors and soaked each day, elbows resting on the bath edge, feet floating behind me, and an undulating, hypnotizing view of the ocean right in front of me.

I also learned quite a bit about non-violent communication, which was the topic of the course I attended. I then managed to get into a pretty decent fight with an old friend a mere two weeks later, so I’m not sure how much I absorbed!

If you can make it, go experience Esalen. It’s pretty special, and those waters are amazing for relaxing your soul and embracing self acceptance.